3 EASY Reasons WHY You Need to Use the Jet Sweep

An offensive guru like yourself already knows that it’s the simple variations that mess with the defense the most. 

It’s the tiny tweaks to the scheme you already have. 

It’s the simple install and the many reps.

Those are what allow you to score more points and have more fun. 

And that’s exactly what the Jet Sweep offers. 

It doesn’t matter what offense you run. 

Wing-T? Pro-Style? Air Raid? Flexbone? 

I don’t care what you run, you better have the Jet Sweep or your leaving points on the field. 

Without further ado, here are the 3 reasons you need to have the Jet Sweep.

1. You know EXACTLY what the defense will do

The defense can ONLY do 3 things. 

Defensive coordinators will argue with you on this point, of course.

But don’t let them fool you.

Here’s what is going to happen.

1. Safety Rotation

Now they are playing some sort of single high defense. 

And you just attack that grass away from where the SS is rotating.

4 Verts? Yes.

H-Cross? Yes?

You know what to do.

2. Run with You

If the defense does this, then you know they are playing man. 

And they just left a lot of space in the box to the left. 

What should you do?

Perhaps run Counter left. 

You’re bringing TWO extra guys to a place where they just vacated with ONE.

The math checks out. 

3. Bump and Rotate

Okay, so the defense wants to start combining things trying to confuse us. 

Let’s run a slow screen left to the T.

Or run H-Cross again. Or run Counter again. 

The bottom line is that Jet Sweep allows you to never be surprised again. 

You can plan and rep efficiently because you know what is going to happen on game night. 

2. You get the ball to your FASTEST player

If you are anything like us, you have a really fast kid on defense. 

A barn burner. 

You know him too well because he’s always chasing down your wide receivers.

Go ahead and get him on your offense. 

Forget the fact that the reason he plays defense is because he can’t catch.

Trust me, he can run Jet Sweep for days. 

3. You will CONFUSE the defense endlessly

The No-Huddle alone does not cut it anymore. 

You can no longer just line up in one formation and go.

When you start adding shifts, or a muddle huddle, ALONG with the Jet Sweep…

Now the opposing defense is confused again. 

Remember, you are not playing against the defensive coordinator. 

It’s the players who play. 

You just need to confuse them.

Here’s an example:

Yes, that formation is unconventional.

And not really ideal for passing. 

But it is PERFECT when you have just broken the huddle, run to the line as fast as possible, and GO.

The defense probably has never seen this formation. 

All the defenders are looking to coach. 

He never saw this in film study. 

And before they know it, your defensive back who is now your Jet Sweeper is hitting his head on the goal post. 


And that’s the beauty of the Jet Sweep. 

No matter what your base run play is, Jet Sweep can add that extra little spice to your offense. 

The beauty is in the simplicity. 

Add it to your offense and break the scoreboard.


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