Want a simple DOWNHILL run game?

Discover the Secret NFL Run Scheme that's destroying defenses!

Simple Scheme

What may seem difficult from the stands is simple for your players. Discover how simple rules guide your offensive linemen in their blocking assignments and how easy the running back's read is in the Duo Scheme.

Multiple Formations

Ask any defensive coordinator and they will tell you multiple shifts, motions, and formations PLUS simple scheme is a pain in the butt to defend. That's one of the many reasons why the DUO Scheme works so well. It's multiple YET simple to install and run.

Easy Keys

The DUO Concept allows your players to use simple 'IF/THEN' keys in the blocking scheme. Is almost guarantees you 4 yards ON AVERAGE per run attempt.

Pairs Well With Wide Zone

What do you do when you run Wide Zone and the defense takes it away? You use the DUO Concept and make them pay. That's the beautiful thing about the DUO Concept - it's the THEN to the Wide Zone's IF.

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