How to Shut Down the Spread Offense

I love the spread offense. 

And I know exactly how to shut it down. 

In fact, there are only three things that you need to do. 

1. Play 1 High Safety Coverage

Here’s what that looks like:

We can call this “Middle of the Field Closed” because that one high safety is in the middle of the field. 

This look makes the quarterback think it’s man to man coverage. 

Now, you’ve taken away the RPOs in the quarterback’s mind and you’ve got him worried about the blitz. 

Also, the offensive coordinator now has to dig into his man to man beaters and see if they really can stand the pressure. 

But, the reality is the defense doesn’t even need to be in man to man. 

You can be in Cover 3 and really cause some damage.

2. Run the “Tite Front”

If you aren’t sure what the Tite front is, check this article out by my good buddy Cody Alexander.  

Every offensive coordinator who runs the spread hates the Tite Front. 


Well, for one thing, both B gaps are gone. There’s no saving them. Say goodbye. 

Basically, the defense forces the defense outside exactly where they have help. 

3. Bring the Blitz

Put yourself in the shoes of a 16 year old player. 

Most quarterbacks and their coaches do not go over hot routes. 

They might not even know what that is. 

And then they start to panic. 

And they stare down receivers and throw interceptions. 


And if you really want to stop the spread offense…then you need to run the Bear Front. 

Basically, the Bear Front is two 3 techniques and a 0 technique. 

Why is this a good front?

Well, no longer can the offense pull their guards and they force the tackles to pull if they really want to pull somebody. 

You’re also taking away the inside run game which is exactly what spread offense guys want to do. 

Spread you out, and then run right up the middle. 

And you can trust me. 

This is exactly how to stop the spread offense. 

I started on the defensive side of the ball.

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