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2-9 to Conference Coach of the Year in Under a Year

Case Study Summary


Name : Coach James Jones


Problem: Brand new Head Coach in the middle of Covid that didn’t have an offensive identity and too many plays.


Success: Simplified his entire program and won Conference Coach of the Year and made it to the playoffs.

County Championship in Two Years



Holy crap coach did we have an exciting season! I coach middle school in WV and our 8 games this season we scored 42, 56, 28, 44, 20, 26, 44 and 52 points! With 8 minute quarters and a continuous clock in the 4th quarter if the score is too lopsided. Heck, we scored 42 points in our first game and played with only 10 players in the 4th quarter. We had a record of 4-3-1 and won a county championship.


This was an improvement from 2-13-1 over the previous two seasons. Your system (with a few modifications) worked well for my boys (and girls). Better yet, they had fun on offense. Our QB threw for 1016 yards, our RB ran for 1085 yards and had 185 yards receiving, and our “Y” had 424 receiving yards and 537 rushing yards. The only thing that stopped us was the rain and the mud (the 20 and 26 point games).


Our offense was explosive, dynamic, hard to defend against, and fun for my players. We scored a ton of points and had a lot of fun.


Thank you so much!


Jermey Lawson

Head Coach

Duval Middle School


Griffithsville, WV


First Time in Playoffs in 10 Years

More Points. More Wins. More Players Participating.

Case Study Summary


Name : Coach Kevin Bradley


Problem: Kids not coming out because football lost the fun and games were a grind to win.

Success: 30 More Kids Came Out. 21 More Points Per Game. 4 Come From Behind Wins. Made Playoffs First Time in 4 years.

First Time Making Playoffs in a Decade

Hey Coach,


Basically, the season was great and you were a huge reason why. I was headed to a new school and incorporated the Air Raid for the first time and used your videos to build and teach an air raid offense that helped our team go to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. We were also able to lead the state in passing for the regular season. Coaches like you and Coach Taylor have been extremely helpful and I will always be thankful to you for the videos, the podcasts, and the advice.




Jeremiah Vangen

Offensive Coordinator


Palmyra-Eagle High School (WI)


Got a NEW Job as OC after going 10-3 and averaging 30ppg

Testimonial 3 for The Football Secrets

3-6 to 7-3 and Made Playoffs

Case Study Summary


Name : Coach Andy Cook


Problem: Trying everything on offense to score points and losing games by not scoring


Success: Turned his program around from 3-6 to 7-3 and making it to the play-offs

Going 8-2 as first year coordinator

Hey Coach,


I sure did learn a lot this season, but I want to give you all the credit. Basically by studying you all off season I made it to the semifinals as a 7 & 8 year old offensive coordinator. I went 8-2 and I really owe it to you. This was my first year calling the plays and stuff like green grass meant a lot to me while getting in my zone before the game. I just want to say I appreciate everything coach and I’ll keep supporting the new content.




Coach Spaghetti


Scoring 44 Points using only 20 plays

Making the Playoffs and Setting the Foundation for the Entire Program

Case Study Summary


Name : Coach Mike Johnson


Problem: Couldn’t get vertical alignment between rec, middle school, and high school program


Success: Set the foundation for his entire program and everyone is speaking the same language and making the playoffs.

Undefeated and Hard To Stop

Coach McKie,


Our season has been going very well. We are undefeated right now and our offense is looking incredibly hard to stop. Thanks to your podcasts and website, we’ve been able to install some easy RPOs that keep us multi-dimensional. We literally have an answer for everything.


Thank you for ALL that you do for the game!! You’re awesome man!




Fecil Blango


Kids Having Fun

Testimonial For The Football Secrets

Making the Playoffs and Became a Better Coach

Case Study Summary


Name : Coach Eli Gesell


Problem: Too many plays and didn’t know what to call when and this led to confusion from players, coaches, and no points scored.


Success: Created an offense he knew inside and out and helped him lead his team to the playoffs.

Threw for over 4,000 Yards

Testimonial two for The Football Secrets

Youth Team Making State Championship

Turned QB into #2 Best QB in the Conference By Using the TD Lab Rule

Hey Coach…season been over for about a month now but just wanted to update you.


My QB had the most fun he’s ever had playing football this season. I’m super proud of him and his Senior leadership. He finished the season with 128-238 for 1864 yards 20 TDs and 9 INTs.


Good for #2 in the conference. Info is up on Max Preps.


I’ve already put together my installation plan for the coming season. Now just studying, spending time with the family and getting ready to get the guys conditioned for an even more up tempo offense in the coming season.


Thanx again coach for all u do for coaches and players who love this game. Glad I found you. Keep up the good work.


Coach Jay Smalling

Kids Having Fun and Winning Games (5-1)

Hey Coach,


Just wanted to give you a quick update. I really dove into your stuff over the summer and have had a lot of fun installing the spread at our high school.


We are currently 5-1 and our QB went 22-26, 360 yards, 4 TDs last night.


You have helped me put a system together that our kids love and want to practice. We are still learning but it’s been a heck of a ride so far.


Thank you.


David Carlson


Neola IA. Tri-Center High School


Undefeated Season and League Champions

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