One Formation Offense

Discover how to run your ENTIRE offense from just one formation. Have the defense scratching their head while you score at will while only running one formation.

Power Air Raid

Want to have an explosive offense like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Clemson? Want to be able to run AND pass against your opponent? This course will show you how

Super Simple Spread Offense

Want to run a simple spread offense that any age group can run? Want to throw the ball with easy while getting your players excited to play? This course will show you how.

Mastering the Wide Zone Clinic

What do all successful teams have in common? They dominate at the line of scrimmage with the Wide Zone scheme. Discover how to run and install it with this clinic.

Dominating with DUO Clinic

Do you want a power run scheme but don't have the offensive linemen who can pull? Then the DUO run scheme is for you since it's Power without the pullers. This clinic covers how to block, run, and execute the DUO scheme

John Weaver's WR Drills

Do your wide receivers struggle to get off of man to man press? Do they drop routine passes? Do you want them to dominate corners and safeties? Then this wide receiver drill course is for you.

Creating an One Word RPO Offense

Nothing is better than always calling the right play. How do you do that? By combining. your run game with your quick game. That's what is covered in this explosive course.

Hurry Up No Huddle Tempo Clinic

Offensive records have been shattered because of the hurry up offense. Want to discover the most effective way to run a hurry up, no huddle offense? Then this clinic has you covered.

Building a Winning Culture Clinic

What do most successful football programs have in common? A Winning Culture. And this clinic will show you the steps you need to start building a winning culture.

Installing the 8020 Offense

Installing an offense is one of the toughest things to do as a football coach. Especially if you are installing more plays than you need. Luckly, with the 8020 approach, you will ONLY install the best plays.

Simplifying Your Game Plan

Are you tired of wasting hours trying to come up with a game plan? Do you toss away your game plan at the start of each game because you didn't prepare fully? If you want to understand how to put together an affective game plan and not waste time then this clinic is for you.

Mastering the Air Raid Offense

Mesh, 6, 95, Sail, Stick. These plays are the backbone of the Air Raid offense and this clinic dives DEEP into the concepts and reasoning behind the Air Raid Offense