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What's Inside The Bundle
Super Simple Spread Offense
An in-depth look at installing the Air Raid offense IF you're looking to run the Air Raid for the very first time. What plays to run, how to practice, and what to look for at each position.
Masters of the Air Raid Offense
In depth course on the Stick, Corner, and Fade/Out concept. Bonus clinics by Noel Mazzone, Lincoln Riley, Drew Piscopo, and Kyle Richardson.
3 Day Air Raid Mastermind
This is a 3 Day deep dive into the Air Raid offense with Coach Patrick Taylor. Inside you'll discover how to run the Open Grass Reads, Install Schedule, and Coaching Your Coaches inside the Air Raid Offense.
Simplifying Air Raid Pass Protection
Coach Patrick Taylor dives DEEP into offensive line play inside the Air Raid Offense. Discover how to never get sacked while using SUPER WIDE Splits.
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An In Depth DEEP Dive Into the Air Raid Offense
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