PROS and CONS of the Wing-T Offense

Are you thinking about running the Wing-T?

I know I’ve kind of made my name here talking about the Air Raid and all its beauties.

BUT, I like to keep an open mind.

Please don’t hate me.

So, I’m going to do an honest evaluation for you with the classic pros and cons list.

Because there might be some of you that just saw your upcoming quarterback throw the ball and thought, “Oh my goodness, we might not be able to throw the ball a single yard this year.”

So now here you are on the internet trying to learn everything you can about the Wing-T Offense.

If that’s you, keep reading and we’ll figure out together if the Wing-T is right for you.

CON #1: Kids hate it

I know that’s a massive claim.

But I’ve talked to so many coaches who have run the Wing-T Offense and then have made the switch to the Air Raid or some other spread offense. The first thing they tell me is that participation skyrocketed and they’ll never leave the spread.

Please don’t tell your players that if they don’t like running the Wing-T it’s because they’re “soft” or play too much Fortnite.

That’s a sure fire way to encourage players to stay home and play video games rather than come out to practice.

CON #2: You Trail, You Lose

If your team gets down in the game…

You’re screwed.

I really don’t mean to be so dramatic, but let’s be honest.

Is Bucksweep a quick strike play?

No, it’s not.

So, when you get down 2 or 3 scores, it just gets really hard to huddle up and pound away in time to win the game.

All you can really do is run the clock to get out of there before the score gets too bad.

CON #3: Tough to Get a Job

If the Wing-T is your offense, then it is going to be difficult to get a head coaching job.

I’ve known successful Wing-T coaches that have built up good teams with the offense, but even they get routinely passed over.

The great Roger Holmes from Georgia has told me that he’s been passed over jobs because when he gets to that final round and they ask him if he’s going to change the offense, and he says no, they move on to a spread guy.

A lot of administrators, parents, and supporters just really don’t like the Wing-T Offense because it’s not exciting to get fans out and that means less money.

PRO #1: No Quarterback, No Problem

Okay, why do I say this?

A lot of schools just don’t have a gunslinger.

You might have a guy that can throw a couple yards, but he just is not a good decision maker. Or it’s the opposite.

With the Wing-T Offense, the Quarterback just needs to hand the ball off, carry out his fakes, and know the offense pretty well.

If he can do that, you’re golden.

PRO #2: You Know Who Gets the Ball

When you’re in the spread, you can hope that the quarterback is thinking the same thing as you and going to throw it to the right guy, but we all know this doesn’t happen enough.

With the spread offense, you have to give up a little control.

Not with the Wing-T.

You want your stud running back to get it? Run Buck Sweep.

You want your fastest player to get it? Run Jet Sweep.

You want the fullback to get it? Run Trap.

You are in 100% control of the offense.

And sometimes, giving lots of control to 16 year old’s isn’t the best idea.

PRO #3: Small Coaching Staff

You really don’t need that many coaches. At the most, you just need 3.

Maybe the quarterbacks, running backs, and wings with one coach, guards and center with another, and tackles and tight ends with the last.

Or quarterbacks and running backs with one, a wings coach, and an offensive line coach.

With the spread, sometimes it feels impossible if you don’t have plenty of coaches because the offense is all over the place.

With the Wing-T Offense, you can get your whole staff on the same page and run it well with a small staff.


Okay, what do you think?

Maybe you like it, but I scared you a little.

Well, what about the Shotgun Wing-T?

Coach Kenny Simpson (the Gun-T Guru) and I sat down for a workshop going over all of this.

Check it out here.

So if you’re on the edge – you love the Wing-T Offense, but have realized its drawbacks – then check out that workshop so that you can begin to Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun.


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