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Forget about “crazy run schemes”, “complicated screens”, and "difficult pass blocking”

What if you could stop worrying about what run and screen concepts to have in your playbook?

Raise your hand if...

You have installed Power, Duo, Wide Zone, Inside Zone, Trap, Iso, and every other run scheme in your playbook…



Along with several different Slow Running Back Screens, Wide Receiver Fast Screens, Tunnel Screens, and Shovel Screens…



And your players are struggling to perfect the run and screen game because they are too confused…


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak

The Air Raid Run and Screen Workshop

A workshop designed to teach you a simple run and screen game to score more points and win more games

These four runs will have you running all over your opponent because of how simple they are for your players to perfect.

These screens are so simple to install and run you'll wonder why you haven't put them in sooner.

This play action protection is so simple and effective, teams will bite even when they know you're going to throw the ball

These splits and their rules are so simple that defenses will be spread sideline to sideline.

Who am I and why I run this system?

I’m originally from a small town in SW Arkansas and like most people in our state, I grew up a diehard Arkansas Razorback fan. In the fall of 1998, I went with my parents to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock to watch Arkansas hosting the Kentucky Wildcats. The wide-open passing display that I witnessed in that game was like nothing I’d ever seen before. From that night on, I was a follower of Kentucky head coach Hal Mumme and his “air raid offense.” Although we ran Wing-T at my high school and I ran the veer in college, I never passed up a chance to watch a Hal Mumme or Mike Leach coached football team.

I began my European playing career in the spring of 2006 and my production was very mediocre for my first three seasons. Before the 2009 season, I went all-in on learning the air raid system and threw for over 4,400 yards and 68 touchdowns in 11 games, including a European record 11 passing touchdowns in one game. From then on, I have ran the air raid offense at every stop I’ve been at in both Europe and the United States. It led me to five national championships and 8 MVP awards in Europe and has also helped me guide five different JUCO teams to top-rated offenses nationally.

Since 2015, I’ve been connected with Coach Mumme. I’ve been on staff with him for several seasons and he’s become one of my closest friends. Earlier this year, he contacted me about joining him in The Spring League in a player/coach role. I was the backup quarterback while also helping coach the offense, running video sessions, putting together gameplans, and assisting with playcalling duties. As an expansion team, we won The Spring League championship and now we’re working together on a handful of projects both on and off the field.

Stan Bedwell

Here's what you'll get inside this workshop
No matter where you get stuck - just come back and refer to the video. You'll start gaining complete mastery over your mindset to achieve the unthinkable.
1. The Ultimate Air Raid Runs
These are the only runs you need your playbook if you want to dominate in the run game.
2. Simple Air Raid Screens
These screens and their fakes are so easy to install and'll kick yourself because you didn't install them sooner
3. Offensive Line Splits, Pass Pro, and Play Action
These offensive line stragegies will simplify everything for your Big Guys and keep your QB 'sack free'.
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Try it for full 15 days, 100% risk-free
Guarantees can be complicated. But not this one. My promise is simple - if you don't like this workshop, write to us within 15 days. We will offer you a 100% refund on your purchase.
It’s risk-free, no questions asked and there’s no fine print involved.
Simplify Your Run and Screen Game Now
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