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Get Legendary Coaches like Hal Mumme, June Jones And Others To Help You Score At Will For 50% OFF

This never before seen 3-day summit boasts a “murderer’s row” of football coaches that will help you cream opponents, hit new scoring records, and become a master of the offensive side of the ball.

If you want to run up the scoreboard consistently for the rest of your career…

You want to know the best tricks, tips, and nuanced “hacks” for coaching high school, middle school, and youth football…

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Hey coach, my name is Ron McKie and for the last few years I have been interviewing some of the most brilliant minds in football through my youtube channel named Football Secrets.

I’m lucky to have one of the most popular channels for high school, middle school, and youth football because I have people like you tuning in every week to hear from what some of the best coaches have to offer.

Now let’s talk about this year.

It’s been a complete wash for most of us. Budgets cut. Practice rearranged infinite times. Some of us had a season, and others have been completely canceled.

It’s been easily one of the toughest years we’ve all had as coaches.

That’s what got me thinking…

What if I could somehow use my platform to help coaches like you make the last 12 months not so terrible.

So I went to my drawing board… pulled in a bunch of favors… and I’m happy to announce that I think I outdid myself on this one. (you’ll see what I mean)

Announcing… the first ever…


"Score At Will" Summit

What is this summit and how is it different from all the other summits that you see?


Well there are a couple unique things about this one that I think you’ll appreciate.


First off, I’ve collected a “murderer’s row” of offensive minds who are all willing to share their secrets that they’ve earned as they set new point totals for each program that’s smart enough to hire them.


Here’s the full roster along with the times they are going to have their presentation for the summit: (All times Eastern….AND… full bios at the bottom of this page if you’re interested.)

Day 1

Nick Codutti – Creating an Explosive Boot Package
Shawn Liotta – No Huddle No Mercy – Tempo Tips and Tricks
Jason Mohns – Wide Zone and How to Dominate


Day 2

Josh Herring – Movement Passes and Perimeter Concepts
AJ Smith – 2 Man, Too Easy
Hal Mumme – Air Raid Q & A
John Weaver – Building Your Brand
Jason Phillips – Simple RPO Schemes for Your Offense
Dan Gonzalez – Advantage Principles: Splitting the Defense for the QB
Joe Osovet – RPOS and Your Offense


Day 3

JT O’Sullivan – Dart to the House: How Quick Game Can Score You Points
Joe Daniel – 5 Different Ways to Run Power
June Jones – Run and Shoot Q & A
Dan Casey – Ultimate Guide to Counter
Kenny Simpson – Protecting Your Belly Play
Jeff Steinberg – Creating an explosive High School Passing Game

Not only that…


Secondly, unlike many of the other summits that put a limit on when you can access these clinics…


You will have LifeTime Access to all of the clinics!


Now let’s talk about price.


I figured, “Hey, why not have a little fun with this? And why not give the people who pay attention a deal of a lifetime?”


So I decided to do something absolutely crazy.


I’m putting this clinic on sale for 50% OFF.


Not bad right?


But believe or not, it actually gets better…


Because I want to make this year a great one for you… I’ve also included:


One FREE Mega-Bonus As A Thank You For Paying Attention All This Time.

When you buy your ticket to the Score At Will Summit, you also get lifetime access to…

The Build Your Program Summit!


That’s another 14 clinics completely FREE!


Here’s who the roster of coaches from that summit… along with the clinics they held:


JT O’Sullivan – Develop Your Quarterback
Shawn Liotta – Executing your game plan on game night – explains what play he calls and why
Terrance Banks – 4 Ways to run Inside Zone RPO
Jarrell Flores – Tight End Friendly RPOs – Simple, easy RPOs you can add to your offense to get the Tight End involved
Dub Maddox – Game planning and play calling with the R4
Cody Alexander – Understanding the Basic Coverages in Football – How to use Geometry to determine the 3 common shells in defense
Cody Alexander – Teaching Quarters Coverage
Jason Mohns – Smash Concepts with Tags
Travis McClain – Wide Receiver Techniques
Jerry Gordon – How to use Go Army Edge
Slade Singleton – Using the quarterback in the run game
Joe Salas – Counter Game
James Vint – So you’re an OC? Now What?
Justin Clark – Adapting the Run and Shoot for High School Players


You know what’s crazy? I’m not done… because…


I’m also going to create one free COMMUNITY BONUS for coaches who are committed to learning and want to surround themselves around other like-minded men.


When you pick up your ticket you will also be added to a private Facebook Group so you can network, pontificate, and ultimately have a good time with other like-minded coaches!


Now obviously, a deal this doesn’t come around often…


In fact, the truth is you’ve never been able to get 2 summits for $5… ever!!


So if you want to have the deal of a lifetime before all the spots go, make sure you grab your ticket before it’s too late!