Ranking the MOST DEADLIEST Spread Offenses

There is no doubt that y’all love my ranking videos.

The support is overwhelming.

Take a look at all the nice things some of you have said:

With that type of support, it would be a crime not to do another.

So, I am going to rank the Spread Offense(s).

Now I actually really like the Spread Offense. I run the Spread Offense and we talk about it all the time here.

Who shall I rank:

  • Chip Kelly
  • Mike Leach
  • Gus Malzahn
  • Lane Kiffin
  • Art Briles
  • Paul Johnson
  • Lincoln Riley
  • Ed Orgeron

And how shall I rank them?

  • Facemelter
  • God-Tier
  • Decent for High School
  • Go back to Middle School
  • Youth Ball ONLY
  • Forfeit

Here we go!

Chip Kelly

Remember coachhuey.com? Well, if you go to that site and type search Chip Kelly, you’ll be reminded about how everyone was obsessed with his offense back when he was at the Oregon Ducks.

That offense really set the world on fire and everyone wanted to be like them.

That offense was innovative, fast, and they could score at a moment’s notice.

I mean the ranking “Facemelter” is actually named because of them.

That’s what they do.

So…they must be a Facemelter.

Gus Malzahn

This offense is like a gateway drug to the Wing T.

Nobody wants to run the Wing T (because it’s the worst), but they wanted to run Wing T concepts and Gus does just that.

He runs Buck and Counter and uses a few of their formations.

Now, teams can be run first offenses but can still tell their players that they run a spread offense.

But where should it rank?

Does anyone actually even understand the offense?

I’m not sure they do and for that reason it is God-Tier.

Lane Kiffin

This offense is a combination of a bunch of exciting offenses.

He’s been around some of the best coaches around and is now really deadly.

Every game he plays is a must watch.

He even gave Alabama a tough time last year.

Ask anyone in the SEC about how hard that offense is to defend.

So, for that reason alone, I have to say it is a Facemelter.

Art Briles

This is one of those offenses that is still a little secretive.

People aren’t exactly sure how they coached it up.

I’ve heard some things over the years like their amazing deep choice route, but it’s mostly all still a mystery.

The only thing that can stop it is a hurricane.

This offense has had success everywhere it went.

This offense is a Facemelter.

Mike Leach

We all know and should love Mike Leach.

Everywhere he goes he finds success.

Nobody should be as successful as he has been at places like Texas Tech and Washington State.

And don’t say anything about the fact that he hasn’t won the big one.

A lot of these coaches haven’t!

He has taken so many mediocre teams and made them fierce competitors with just a few plays that he reps over and over again.

So where does he end up?

Of course, he must be Facemelter.

Lincoln Riley

He is a protoge of Mike Leach and his story is incredible.

He went from being a 4th string quarterback to being cut to being brought back on to becoming a good assistant for Mike Leach.

And now look at what he’s doing to everyone.

He has been able to combine a good run game with the Air Raid.

The innovation is unbelievable.

But he’s young and some people look down on him.

Remember that great Rose Bowl versus Georgia?

That’s just a preview of what’s to come when they join the SEC.

So, it’s got to be a Facemelter.

Ed Orgeron

Now, I know a lot of people say that was just Joe Brady and Joe Burrow.

But football’s a team sport.

And this offense was actually pretty simple, they just were so good at it.

They dominated everyone they played.

I’m not sure who is going to break all the records they set.

So, it’s got to be a Facemelter.

Paul Johnson

I have a soft spot for ole Paul Johnson.

He’s had success everywhere he’s gone and he actually started out as a pass first guy with the Run n’ Shoot.

It’s a great offense that neutralizes talent.

I love the swag of Coach Johnson.

You need a lot of specific players, but it’s still a great offense.

So what is it?

It’s got to be Forfeit.

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