High School Football Coach RANKS Offensive Systems

Where does your favorite offense rank in this tier list?

I am going to rank some of the most common offenses out there.

It might get a little controversial, and you might be a surprised at how the list turns out.

And if you have some strong opinions, let me know in the comments!

Okay, here are the offenses I will be ranking:

  • The Air Raid
  • The Run and Shoot
  • The Single Wing
  • The Double Wing
  • The Wing-T
  • The Flexbone
  • The Power-I

Those are the offenses, but how will we rank them?

F to Facemelter.

The Facemelter offensive system will be the system that just blows me away.

It’s the offense that just dominates and it’s the one that defenses hate.

The F is self explanatory. This offense just fails.

Without further ado, let me begin at the bottom!


You might be able to guess it if you’ve seen anything that I’ve posted.

Let me give you a hint: the Bucksweep.

Yes, it’s the Wing-T that comes in last today.

Yes, they have a systematic approach to their offense which I like.

I mean just check out this blog post here that I wrote about some of the things I’ve used.

But this offensive system is for grumpy, old coaches who love to run the ball over and over, and shirk the need for chucking the ball down the field.


Think Nebraska in the 80s and 90s.

This offensive system has the quarterback, the fullback, and the running back line up in a straight line and just go at it with the power play.

This is the Power-I.

I have to rank this a D simply because I find that it lacks imagination.

I just don’t think that you can do much if you don’t have great athletes.

Because at the end of the day, you need to power people over to run this offense.


This is a gimmick, contrarian offense.

No quarterback?

No problem.

Welcome to the Single Wing Offense.

I give this offensive system an average grade because that’s just what it is: average.

It’s not going to blow you away, but somehow it just works.

It just get’s by, but I do kind of like it…

C… part 2

Okay there’s another offense that, in my mind, just lies here in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, this offense can be very cool.

It truly is a system that needs to be run to perfection, and it can turn out unbelievable.

I actually think of this offense as the Air Raid of the ground where instead of throwing it forward, you are pitching it back.

This offense is the Flexbone, of course.

You’re always reading someone, you’re always getting good numbers, but…

There are all these positions that you need.

Like a great fullback or B back.

And a quarterback to make all those reads.

So, I just give it a C.


This is the bastardized cousin of the single wing.

This is the offensive system you get when a bunch of big ol’ boys get together with foot to foot splits and just create a wall.

Welcome to the Double Wing Offense.

They don’t even throw the ball.

But they do move the ball.

The quarterback is even used to block.

I mean seriously?

But why is it a B?

Because I played a double wing team in high school, and it was HARD.

It’s 10 guys blocking for 1 guy every play. Crazy.


People might not like this.

But A stands for the Air Raid Offense.

Please don’t be mad at me for not making this the Facemelter (we’ll get there).

But the Air Raid Offense is my baby, you know that.

This offense is when you put 4 wide, run just a couple plays, and just get at it in the air every single play.

You can marry this offense and run it for years. If you doubt me, check out my YouTube channel here.


This is the Run and Shoot Offense.

For years there was this secrecy around this offensive system.

The people who knew it just seemed to want to die before anyone else knew their secrets.

But, now with the Certification on CoachTube, the secrets out.

And we can all delve into the fruits of the Run and Shoot.

I mean this offense took the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons to the next level.

And you’re never out of the game because this offense can strike fast.


No offense is perfect and usually they come down to how well you can teach it.

But I thought this was a fun way to evaluate a few of the offensive systems that are out there and maybe start some conversations.

And I also want to help you be able to run these offenses better.

Because no matter the offense you run, you need to practice.

So, check out perfectfootballpractice.com to learn more about how to use your time more wisely so that you can Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun.

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