Are you afraid of man to man coverage?

Don’t be.

I’ve got 4 tips that will keep your players from getting beat up and get them in the end zone more often.

1. Use Motion

Motion wide receivers.

Motion running backs.

Motion tight ends.

All defenses talk about how one of their primary goals on defense is to communicate.

As good offensive coaches, we must oblige them.

And there is no better way to test the communication of a defense than relentless motioning.

When you can get 16 year old players yelling to each other about who has who seconds before the snap, you’ve got them exactly where you want them.

2. Throw the Ball to the Running Back

Think about it.

Who has the running back in man coverage?

The inside linebackers.

Firstly, they aren’t usually great in coverage, let alone man coverage, and they are crowded up in the box.

It is not difficult to get your running back a good angle and a step ahead of those inside linebackers.

Secondly, in man coverage, at least one of those inside linebackers is probably blitzing.

If they do that, it is really hard to cover the running back with just one inside linebacker.

3. Run Crossing Routes



Shallow Cross.

They all work because they have players crossing the field and usually have another guy over the top creating a “pick” (I resent that term).

You don’t need a million of these plays, just a few that you run really well when you know they are going to be in man coverage.

4. Stack the Wide Receivers

Once again, test the communication skills of 16 year old players.

And then switch release to really mess them up.

Not enough teams do this, but if you add this to everything else above you can be deadly.


Defenses think man coverage scares us because it freaks the quarterback out with the blitzes and covered up wide receivers.

And you might’ve been scared before you read this article.

But these 4 tips will drive defenses out of man coverage quickly and you can go back to regularly scheduled programming.

And then you’ll be well on your way to Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun.

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