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So, I thought I’d do another.

What Offenses Shall I Rank?

  • Wishbone
  • Wing-T
  • Double Wing
  • Flexbone
  • Slot-T
  • Hambone
  • I
  • Power-I

And how shall I rank them?

  • Facemelter
  • God-Tier
  • Decent for High School
  • Go back to Middle School
  • Youth Ball ONLY
  • Punt Every Down

Here we go!

The Flexbone

A lot of people got a little upset when I said that you need to have a quarterback to run this offense.

Some said, “Well, you’ve got to have a quarterback for the Air Raid and the Run and Shoot, too.”

And you’re exactly right.

You’ve got to have the quarterback who can do a little bit more than just hand the ball off and throw bootlegs.

But the Flexbone quarterback is asked to do A LOT.

He, just like the spread quarterbacks, has to make checks at the line and make the right read in a split second.

But I digress.

Where should I rank the Flexbone?

Let’s do Decent for High School.

The Hambone

First, off what is the Hambone offense?

It’s a little mysterious because if you look for it online, you can hardly find any cut ups.

A coach by the name of Manny Matsakis came up with it.

But, basically it’s a combination of the jet sweep, the option, and the run and shoot.

And it’s really hard to find out how to run it.

So, I have to rank it as Punt Every Down.

The Wishbone

Growing up, I was a huge wishbone fan.

Those old Oklahoma, Alabama, and Texas games that were in black and white and purely wishbone.

There are three backs directly behind the quarterback and you never know where the ball is going to go.

It’s beautiful to watch when it works.

But can you attack deep?

Can you score lots of points?

At times, the answer is yes.

And modern high school defensive coordinators might have no idea how to defend it.

This is God Tier.

The Slot-T

If you think the Run and Shoot or the Hambone stuff is hard to find, don’t bother with the Slot-T.

It’s borderline impossible to find any worthwhile information about this offense on the internet.

There’s a ton of misdirection and double handoffs and it’s incredible to watch.

That is, if you can find anything on it.

You’re able to mess with the defense’s eyes, but a lot of people at running it.

So, where does that put this offense?

I fear for my family’s safety ranking this one…

But it’s a Facemelter.

The Double Wing

People did not like when I described this offense as a fat man.

Just foot to foot splits that ends up with a wave of bodies just attacking the defense.

For the whole game.

That hurt a lot of people personally.

But, this is a 3 yards and a cloud of dust defense that big people like.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You’re going to eat clock and apply the pressure the opposing offense to score quickly.

Even the quarterback blocks in the Double Wing.

And for that…

I have to say Go Back to Middle School.

The I-Formation

I really messed up when I called the normal I-Formation the Power-I in the last tier post.


Y’all did not appreciate that one bit.

And I’m sorry for offending you.

But I still really don’t care about the difference between the two (if there is one, I still don’t know).

You can run the Power Play beautifully.

But it’s not that great of an offense.

So, I think we should keep this offense in Youth Ball ONLY.

The Power-I

What makes the Power-I better than the normal I?

It’s that sniffer position.

You get the downhill run plays with an extra blocker in the backfield.

but when I looked it up for more information, I could hardly tell that it wasn’t the normal I.

It just looked like the I and it only looked successful when you had a really good running back.

But, I’m not going to lie.

It looks decent with that extra guy in the backfield.

So, I’ll say it’s still Decent for High School.

The Wing-T

I got a lot of flack about what I said about the Wing-T.

And I hear you.


It’s still Punt Every Down.

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